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About Total Pest Management

Future focused

Customer service and satisfaction

At Total Pest Management we believe that providing the very best service to our customers is key to a successful business. But, we want to go further and are determined to ensure that our business is the leading pest management company in Townsville.
To do this we will continue to stay future focussed, develop our skills, products and services, invest in our people and listen to what our customers want from Total Pest Management. With a pedigree of over 20 years in the pest control industry we are proud of what we have achieved, but know that only by concentrating on the future of Total Pest Management will be remain in the respected and key position we find ourselves in today.



Professional service, professional attitude and professional products. We are always looking to improve for our customers and build upon our strengths. Everyone at Total Pest Management believes that our customers are our greatest asset.



By staying focussed on our customers requirements we will always be able to offer exactly what is asked for. Being focussed on our industry means we will be able to offer our customers the best in leading pest technologies.



We’re passionate about what we do, the services we provide and the value we bring to our customers. We know how important it is to protect our customers homes workplaces and businesses, their health and their families; this drives our passion to succeed and deliver the best products and services we can.

“Our business and passion to provide the very best service is driven by the loyalty and outstanding feedback from our customers.”

Chris Fisher – CEO Total Pest Management

Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

As with all pest treatments and services we will access the process and success rate. If we believe that a pest treatment requires further attention then we will discuss this with you.

Total Pest Management is located in Townsville. Our postal and locational address can be found at the top of this website.

Times may vary depending on the type of treatment or service we are providing. However, on average you should expect one of our pest team to be at your home for between 1 – 2 hours.

As with all pest treatments you must make sure that you follow the guidelines that our pest team provide you. You may have to avoid locations recently treated for a period of time dependent on the process. Our professional and safety conscious team will advise you.

We are open from Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm. After hours emergency support can be arranged using our after hours telephone number listed at the top of our website.

There are situations where a treatment we use becomes less effective over time due to many factors. By repeating the treatment you can increase the effectiveness and in some cases eradicate the pest completely.

We cover Townsville and a number of the outer suburbs. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion and we can check your location on our services map.

Treatment costs are based on the severity and type of pest we are remedying. In most cases we will provide you with a cost once we have assessed what is required. We do have some fixed price services such as flea and tick sprays as part of a bond clean. Please call us to discuss the service you require and we will be happy to provide a price where we can.