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Common pests in Townsville

Kelso - Townsville


This guide is intended to assist residents of an area plan their pest response for the future.

We are always happy to discuss what pest treatments we would recommend for your property.

Please call Total Pest Management on (07) 4779 6200.

Current status

There is a higher than usual incidence of certain insects such as ants and mosquitos.

Severity rating
Pest problem rating 75%

Common pests found in the area -

Total Pest Management - ant - carrying

A guide to our listing -

At Total Pest Management we keep an accurate record of the pests we have treated and the locations we have seen them. Overall Townsville and its suburbs are very similar in the type of pests and infestations we see. 

We have created this guide to demonstrate seasonal averages of pests we have treated in an area so residents can gauge the type of treatments they may require for their property.

The number of pests is very much guided by factors which may include weather, food availability, disturbance of ground and introduction of pests via transportation (they literally hitch a lift on something).

What pests to expect


This information is for guidance only and has been calculated using our database of pest events. Seasonal differences can be attributed to weather patterns and other contributing factors.

Average seasonal rate 88%
Average seasonal rate 100%
Average seasonal rate 81%
Fleas & Ticks
Average seasonal rate 44%
Vermin (Mice and Rats)
Average seasonal rate 55%
Average seasonal rate 46%
Total Pest Management - mosquito - biting

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